• California Sales Tax

    Posted on 14 Nov 2017 01:21

    Effective November 2017 we will be charging residents of Califonia 7.75% sales tax. 

  • Understanding Customs Duties for Buying International

    Posted on 14 Dec 2013 17:01

    Its important that you as a buyer understand your own country's rules and regulations about making purchases from another country.  Some countries are very thorough about checking the incoming packages' values and issuing customs fees.  For example, the UK is very strict about their limit of £15!  If your order is more, they charge a percentage plus an "Administrative fee" to cllect it from you!  The EU generously allows up to €150 without duties.  Other counties are very lax about enforcement.  Canada technically requires customs dutues on packages from the US, but rarely actually attempts to collect it from the recipient on packages under $100.  We are required by US law to declare all orders at the net total amount and classified as "merchandise".  We cannot falsify the amount or mark it as "gift".

    Here are some external references if you are unsure about what your country requires. - General information about duties and a caclulator for most countries - General information about customs - UK specific information - Canada specific information - EU specific information


  • Now Accepting Credit Cards

    Posted on 23 Sep 2013 18:05

    We are happy to announce that we have finally linked up credit card processing for BrickOwl orders!   Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as well as Bankcard, Switch, and Solo for European customers.   Our minimum purchase for credit cards is $10.  And of course, you can still use PayPal for all orders  including orders less than $10.   

  • Inventory Mirror

    Posted on 23 Aug 2013 17:52

    For customers that know our store on other sites, we want you to know that our inventory is mirrored across sites.  That means if you see we have 100x of something here, and 100x of the same thing there, that means we only have 100x total.  So you couldn't submit an order for 100x on each site and receive 200x total.  The inventory will sync up in near real time, so this shouldn't be an issue for normal shoppers.  If you have any questions, please drop us a message!

  • In-Stock Pricing

    Posted on 30 Jul 2013 16:47

    While browsing our store, you may come across some part listings that are noted "In-Stock Pricing."  Being a large store is not easy!  We sell a lot of basic bricks and plates nearly as fast as we can load them into inventory because our prices are competitive to the market rate.  However we recognize that sometimes its cheaper to add a few pieces at higher than normal prices because the cost is less than paying for shipping from a second store.  So we reserve a small portion of our inventory at higher prices - with the goal being that you can find everything you need in one order.  But we encourage you to shop around other store and check prices.  If you see "In-Stock Pricing", it means you should do a little homework on finding the lowest cost option!

  • Part Outs

    Posted on 28 Jul 2013 21:49

    Ever wonder how we got to nearly 1 million parts?  We part out sets like crazy!  We do our best to balance the types of sets so we have a broad selection of parts in our store.  In just the last week we've parted out Lone Ranger, Games, City, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Basic Bricks, Creator, Galaxy Squad, Technic, Super Heroes, and Chima!  So you'll always find something new every week!